Journal of applied thought leadership in operation, process improvement, people development, and mindful social change

Next publication date: November, 2016

The Technology of Human Development

Michelle Gordon

Effects of Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility on Salvadoran Families- Restoring Trust Between Law Enforcement and Immigrants

Chernoh Wurie

The Impact of Maturing Integrating Risk Management (MIRM) on the efficiency of the Financial Leverage Decisions in developing Competitive Intelligence

Shereen Fadel Fahmy Bishara

Demystifying a Social Pandemic- Homelessness within the Veteran Population

Walter McCollum

Self-Actualization and Eupsychian Management- Their Role and Relevance in Today’s Management Realities and Their Impact on Trust and Organizational Culture

Aaron M Lee

Beyond State Authority- Dark Tourism in the Cyprus Buffer Zone

Katerina Antoniou

Understanding Bullying from a Multi-disciplinary Bullying Perspective and What to do next

Sairah Qureshi

Many War-Injured Military and Contractors Still Need Access to Aftercare and Support

Verna V Velez

A Needs Analysis For Social Media At A Southern Postsecondary Campus

Jodine Marie Burchell

Tools For Sustainable Community Development

Rudene Thomas

Evaluating Key Predictors of Employee Response to Change in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Otis S Johnson