Journal of Leadership and International Development

ISSN 2377-9691
Next publication date: October, 2016

Editorial Board Members Information

The Journal of Leadership and International Development has the following distinquise editorial board members: 

Dr. Chernoh Wurie, Virginia Commonwealth University, Associate editor
Dr. Greg Campbell, Walden University, Associate editor
Dr. Phil Neely, Saint Leo University, Associate editor
Dr. Jodi Burchell, Walden University, Associate editor
Dr. Cernata Morse, Colorado State University-Global, Associate editor
Dr. Sean Stanley, Argosy University, Associate editor

Message from Editor- in Chief - Walter McCollum, PhD

Welcome to the Inaugural Journal of Leadership and International Development!  I want to personally thank you for your contribution to the success of this journal.It is my expectation this journal will give multi-disciplines voice in the areas of leadership and internationaldevelopment and a venue for discourse that will advance bodies of knowledge and research intellectually.  The journal includes a combination of diverse application-oriented and theory based articles which will aid communities on their quest to solve complex world problems.  The interdisciplinary stance towards the scope of the journal means that topics of interest may includeorganizational development, human capital strategy, international management, project management, quality management, knowledge management, change management, government, non-profit, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, spiritual intelligence or entrepreneurship.  The peer review process is comprised of associate editors from various disciplines, who provide in-depth reviews to ensure the highest level of scholarship and integrity. 


We welcome your submissions!

Dr. Walter McCollum, Editor-in-Chief