Journal of Leadership and International Development

ISSN 2377-9691
Next publication date: October, 2016

About Journal

The Journal of Leadership and International Development is a publication where  policymakers, practitioners, the academic community and doctoral learners can publish  articles  for peer-review to advance the theory, research and practice of all aspects of  leadership and international development. Research results are preferred, but  theoretical contributions and new applications are also appropriate. Although leadership topics are emphasized, any area of interest in organizational development, human capital strategy, international management, project management, quality management, knowledge management, change management, government, non-profit, emotional  intelligence, cultural intelligence, spiritual intelligence or entrepreneurship also  encouraged. 

The aim of the journal is publicize the best research on development issues in a form  which will be accessible to the research community, organizational leaders, public  servants, entrepreneurs, and social scientists. The focus of on social science, economics, politics, international relations, sociology and anthropology. Researchers are invited to submit and publish papers which blend the approach of the natural and  social sciences, to explore and critically examine the problems of poverty and underdevelopment in low income countries.