Journal of applied thought leadership in operation, process improvement, people development, and mindful social change

Next publication date: November, 2016

About Journal

The journal seeks to create a learning lab and collaborative intellectual community for the representation of board and innovative angles. Above all, the goal is to provide  spaces for open dialogue on great research stories and the sources of foundational  meaning in an interconnected systems thinking approach to scholarship, practice, and  thought exploration. 


Scope of the journal

The journal audience includes policy makers, researchers, educators, business leaders,  activists, spiritual leaders, and community change agents. The journal’s orientation has  a distinct understanding that the most complex problems cannot be solved through the  lens of a singular academic discipline. As a result, the journal seeks innovative  conceptual papers supported by academic literature or applied research papers.  These papers should have an intention to share knowledge or ideas that improve  dialog, conflict, people, programs, organizations, policies, practices, or processes that  lie specifically in the topical areas of Business, Human Resources, Management,  Organizational Behavior, Leadership, Quality Management, Diversity, Race, Poverty,  Cultural Studies, Spirituality, Community Development, Sustainability, Environmental  Studies, Social Justice, Conflict Management, Restorative Justice, Mindfulness, Public  Policy, Public Administration, Applied Psychology,  Counseling, Sociology, Public  Health, Nursing, Health Administration, Education, Teaching, Training, and Learning.

This journal views scholarship in several important frameworks including:


·      Scholarship is about both teaching and learning.

·      Scholarship explores many interconnected domains.

·      Scholarship has an experiential origin.

·      Scholarship is practice-oriented.

·      Scholarship is conceptual

·      Scholarship is analytical

·      Scholarship is about people

·      Scholarship is about complex organizations

·      Scholarship is about an exploration of

·      Scholarship can drive change