Corporate Social Responsibility and International Accounting

Brandon Schweitzer

Authors Nikolaou, Evangelinos, Moser, Martin, Calafell, Gutierrez, and Antonio examine and explain critical theory, stakeholder theory, contractual theory, and economic theory as the framework of international accounting and the impact on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. These theories are significant in the overall development of accounting standards and financial reporting standards. Corporate Social Responsibility and accounting methods have a serious impact on the way individuals understand the relationship between organizations and society. These authors are considered to be pioneers in research of this subject matter and experts in explaining impacts of CSR activities and related theories. The depth section of this paper consists of an annotated bibliography and a literature review of current articles on Corporate Social Responsibility and accounting concepts. The application section of this paper consists of a historical observation of international accounting standards and international financial reporting standards, as there is a current convergence of these two concepts.